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Training For the Everyday Believer!

In John 14:12, Jesus said that whoever believed in Him would do the very same works He did and even greater works.

This statement gave Chad the green light to go after exactly what Jesus did and expect the same results.  After 15 years of teaching and ministering on healing and seeing tremendous results, the Lord put it on Chad's heart to begin replicating himself and help the everyday believer get the same results as Jesus.

Through The Healing Academy, we are endeavoring to help get healing back into the Church so we can get it into the world!  The ministry of healing isn't just for the minister; it is for the believer! 


This is healing like you have never heard it before: teaching that is SIMPLE and that GETS RESULTS.


The Healing Academy is FREE for our monthly partners!

Pastors, please visit our store for The Healing Academy for church small groups!  Please contact us with any questions.




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Rev. Adam Clark

The Healing Academy is the most comprehensive teaching on healing in the body of Christ today. You will learn healing from the correct perspective. Also, it’s more than learning information. You will receive new revelation that will cause you to awaken to our union with the Father.

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Pastor David Steinberg

The Healing Academy has changed my life as both a minister and as a believer. This reality of union with the Father, all that we need already being inside of us as believers, and the reinforcement of righteousness is good food for every believer to feast on.

I had type2 diabetes when I started THA and by only a few sessions in, that junk was burned out of my body as I meditated on the realities that I was taught!

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