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Interested in having Chad at your church or conference?  Would you like to host a 2-3 day Healing Academy?

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February 24-26

Tulsa, OK

March 7-16

Spirit of Faith Church

Nagaland, India

March 22

Healing Service

Awaken Church

Jonesboro, AR

March 24

Victory Television Taping

Little Rock, AR

May 25-29 

East Africa Faith Conference

Nairobi, Kenya

June 15-29

Rhema Kenya

August 17-26





January 4-6

Rhema Ukraine


January 12

Vision TV

January 15

King Television

February 12

Occupied Church

Tulsa, OK

February 14

Occupied Church

Tulsa, OK

March 5

King Television

March 7

Freedom City Church

Broken Arrow, OK

March 29-April 2

Rhema Kenya

May 11-14

 Sid Roth's It's Supernatural

Charlotte, NC

May 23


Houston Faith Church

Houston, TX

June 19-21

Bogota, Colombia

September 2-10

Miracle Crusade and Pastors Conference

Lahore, Pakistan

October 24

Lake Church

Arise Conference

Mannford, OK


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