Aliens | EBOOK

"Jesus said repeatedly that He was not of this world. I began to really feel a tug on the inside that I needed to study this statement more. As I began to read the book of John, the magnitude of this reality began to rock my world. I am a hardcore believer in the importance of knowing who you are in Christ. Over the years, I have spent most of my studying and ministering in this area, but I had failed to see the importance of this piece of our identity as believers: our origin. When I began to see how much importance Jesus placed on it, then I knew it must be important. I began to see how this reality played a key role in walking in power, manifesting God's power, ministering in strong faith, ushering in the last day revival and absolutely demolishing all hell could bring your way." In ALIENS, Chad Gonzales leads readers on jaw dropping journey of discovering their true origin: Heaven. You will learn how to live out of Heaven, speak the language of Heaven and live according to the law of Heaven. As a Christian, you can say just like Jesus, "I am from above; I am not of this world."


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