Making Right Decisions | EBOOK

Making Right Decisions | EBOOK

Who should I marry? Is this the right house to buy? Should I move across the country? Which job should I take? I wonder which investments I should make? What makes these decisions and others so seemingly difficult is that they can never be taken back. Decisions affect not only our today and tomorrow, but also our eternity; therefore, it is extremely important that we make the right decisions.


Wouldn't you like to make the right decisions every time? What if there was the opportunity to always be in the right place at the right time? God has given us very specific promises to lead, guide and direct us in all of the affairs of life. Not only has He promised to help us, He has also given us clear instruction as to how He will do so.


In Making Right Decisions, Chad Gonzales leads you through an indepth study of how God will help His children make the right decisions every time, resulting in a life of total and complete success.


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